Monday, May 5, 2014

My Experience at MCC

In my short two years here at McCook Community College I have been able to experience many different things on campus. In my first year I had the chance to participate in intercollegiate volleyball. I had lived in the dorms, which was an experience, and had been accepted into Phi Theta Kappa. Things sure did change from my first year to my second I no longer played volleyball, I had moved into an apartment here in McCook and had taken on a leadership role.

My first year was full of volleyball, weather it was practice, games, volunteering or just hanging out with my teammates. As a team we had volunteered at a few different places. First, towards the end of volleyball season we went out to the armory and packed meals for children. I sure had a fun time helping out others that were in need! I have made some life long friends from playing the sport and is probably my greatest experience from playing volleyball.

As I had stated earlier I had been accepted into Phi Theta Kappa, the international honor society for two year colleges. I had decided to take a leap of faith and run for office. I had been voted vice president of leadership for the Eta Omicron chapter here at MCC. I had a hard time believing that someone would think of me as a leader. The more I got involved in PTK, I had started to realize that I was the leader that everyone saw. Phi Theta Kappa has probably been the one thing at MCC that has showed me just a glimpse at my true potential, all thanks to Shannon Schaben our advisor. She has been amazing, one relationship at MCC that will never be forgotten.

The relationships that I have formed at MCC through class have even helped me get more opportunities in the community. My first semester here I took introduction to to professional education, in this class we had to do 15 service hours, I did mine at the YMCA which ended up with me having a evening job just about every Tuesday and Thursday. Once again, my relationship with Shannon Schaben has also been beneficial to my involvement in the community. She knew that I loved volleyball so she had told me that St. Pat's elementary school had needed a volunteer volleyball coach, so thanks to Shannon I was now coaching the sport I loved and once again making connections with in the community. The staff here at MCC is one of the finest I have seen, they will go above and beyond to help out any student in need! McCook Community College was the perfect fit for me!!

Miranda Farley

MCC Webzine Team Member