Thursday, December 17, 2015

Final Post of the Term

Applied Journalism has been one of my favorite classes this term. Every week, I got the opportunity to write down my thoughts on college, and put them out there for the world to see. I liked that each week I was given the time to think about my experiences as a college student. It gave me the chance to explore my own thoughts, and made me consider the positive and negative aspects of a variety of  common issues that college students face. I believe that this class helped me to develop a more balanced viewpoint on college life.

In addition to the personal gains that I got from taking Applied Journalism, I also learned about journalistic writing. I practiced staying on topic, being honest in my writing, and writing for a specific audience. After taking this course, I feel a lot more confident about my writing abilities. Tina Walker (the instructor) was complementary, yet also provided criticism when necessary. She was great to work with, and I enjoyed being a student in her class! Hopefully, I’ll take other classes under her tutelage in the future.

Lydian Shipp

Webzine Team Member